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Are you a Christian Wife?  Have you been searching for a Safe, Supportive Community to engage with?  Are you looking for Christian Marriage Advice, Encouragement and Resources?

Marriage is challenging.  Somehow as a Christian we struggle in silence.  We think a Christian Marriage has to be perfect.  We don’t always have the freedom to ask for help when hard seasons come – And They Do Come. 

Christian Marriage.  What on earth is that anyway?

That word “Christian” could mean so many things to so many people so I like to change it up and say I’m in a Biblical Marriage.

 Biblical Marriage  actually has a handbook!  The Bible has so much to say about Marriage and how it should function.  So let’s join together as a community to encourage and equip each other to do Marriage God’s way.

Our hope is that the Reclaiming Hope & Joy in Your Biblical Marriage Facebook group will be such a community for Wives.

So I like to think of this community of Wives as ” The Wifehood “.  A safe place to come for Encouragement and Equipping especially in our Real Marital Struggles & Successes!


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We’re gonna kick this community off with a Party!  

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Starting September 1, 2017 will host 27 Wives in Women’s Ministry.

They will share their Secrets, Biblical Wisdom and Encouraging Tips that have impacted their Biblical Wifehood!!


1 – Let’s Start Reclaiming Hope & Joy in Your Christian Marriage
2 – Three Ways God Works Through Hard Seasons of Marriage
3 – What Submission Looks Like in a Christian Marriage
4 – How To Be a Biblical Wife To an Ungodly Husband
5 – How to Create an Abundantly Fruitful Marriage
6 – The Best Kept Secret Piece of the Marriage Puzzle
7 – The Greatest Gift I Gave My Man
8  – Moving from Lost to Found in Marriage
9 – Perspective in Marriage: Give Us Eyes to See (Part 1)
10 – Finding Joy in Being a HelpMeet to Your Husband

11 – Perspective in Marriage: from Surviving to Thriving (Part 2)
12 – Can You Reclaim Hope & Joy After Betrayal in Marriage?
13 – The Unexpected Path to Happiness in Marriage
14 – 3 Ways to Stand Firm in the Battle for Your Marriage
15 – 7 Practical Ways to Reclaim Hope and Joy in Your Marriage
16- How to Restore Honor Back in Your Marriage
17 – Reclaim True Hope for the Hurting Wife
18 – Chase Jesus When Your Marriage Is on the Brink
19 – Biblical Submission When Trusting Your Husband Is Hard

20 – Marriage Communication: Why & How to Restore It
21 – How To Face An Empty Nest And Renew Your Marriage
22 – 4 Marriage Secrets so You Never Say That Dirty “D” Word
23 – 1 Thing to Never allow to Rule Your Marriage
24 – 4 Essential Steps To Become One Flesh in Marriage
25 – Finding Hope, Grace, Renewed Love and Purpose
26 – 3 Things That Make a Marriage Wonderful
27 – Is Your Marriage in The Refiner’s Fire?
28 – The Uncomfortable Truth About Sex in a Christian Marriage
29 –How to Reclaim Hope and Joy in Date Night

30 – Offensive Fighting That Will Reclaim Hope in Marriage
31 – How to Create a Brave Faith Culture of Biblical Wifehood

What to Expect:  

  • The Event will begin September 1
  • There will be Daily Articles on from 30 Amazing Women’s Ministry Leaders.
  • Freebies nearly every day on the blog!
  • A HUGE Grand prize giveaway with over $500 dollars in Marriage Resources, Books, Courses and Journals.
  • Flash Giveaways, deals, challenges and Tips in the Marriage FB Group!

Reclaiming Hope & Joy In Your Marriage Blog Party Giveaways!

You will want to check out and Enter this Giveaway Page for the Amazing Giveaways happening during the Party!

Ultimate Giveaway for Reclaiming Hope & Joy in your Christian Marriage. Marriage Advice, Marriage Tips, Biblical Wifehood Secrets, Christian Marriage Resources

Let’s Start this Party in Style

To Launch our Facebook Group we are planning an Inspiring Facebook Live Party!

When: Throughout the Month of September

Where:  The Facebook Group Page – Reclaiming Hope & Joy in your Marriage

Come to the page and watch the Live Videos.  Meet Your Hostesses!  Hear Amazing Testimonies of God’s Faithfulness!

I will have a Flash Giveaway.  To enter, simply comment and shared the event!  Come hang out with us.  It will be Lots of Fun!



Meet The Contributors Joining the Marriage Blog Party 

Alisa Nicaud – Flourishing Today
Ana Willis – They Call me Blessed
Rebekah Hallberg – Rebekah M
Beth Kelly – My Inner Repunzel
Claire Musters –
Jaime Wiebel- Seeking God with Jaime Wiebel
Jayme Hull- Face to Face Mentoring
Jessica Van Roekel- Welcome Grace
Julie Holmquist- Stuff Of Heaven
Kira Bridges- Joy Pursued
Lee Felix- Like Minded Musings
Lo Tanner-
Natalia Drumm-
Susan Mead-
Tatiana Adurias- The Musings of Mum
Teri Lynne Underwood-
Erica Hale-
Jennifer Strickland- U R More
Michelle Nietert- Councelor Thoughts
Alyssa Avant-
Jessica Anderson- Intentional In Life
Josette Whitehurst Hall – Home Sweet Halls
Christia Colquitt- Faith Filled Parenting
Nicci Anna Kilcoyne- Fruitful Vine Woman
Jen Weaver –
Aimee Imbeau – A Work Of Grace


THIS PAGE will be updated to show all the most recent posts, giveaways and deals on the blog!  Then head over to the Facebook group and make sure your notifications are set so you don’t miss any of the deals and giveaways happening there!

Be sure to RSVP to the Party here to get all the Articles and Freebies direct to your inbox.

in Him,


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  1. Thank you so much for the great resources for us to take advantage of. I have loved it so far and will try to keep up. Glad for replays. Love Jayme Hulls book Face to Face Mentoring. I have read and gone to the conference Love and Respect. The book was great but my husband and I really had an eye opener at Emerson Eggrich and his wife’s conference.

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