Biblical Marriage -The Wifehood

Are you Married?  Are you a Christian?  Would you say you have a Christian Marriage? 

What on earth is that anyway?

That word “Christian” could mean so many things to so many people so I like to change it up and say I’m in a Biblical Marriage.

Whew, that puts a clear understanding to things doesn’t it!?!?!?!?

A Biblical Marriage would be one that conforms itself to God’s design as laid out in the Bible.  The Bible has so much to say about Marriage and how it should function.

This page is going to be a Community for Wives – sorry guys- because I’m a wife.

I like to think of this community of Wives as ” The Wifehood “.

  • This is a safe place to come for encouragement & Equipping.
  • A safe place to bring our real Marital struggles and successes!

Important details about this Biblical Marriage Community:

  • I believe in the literal application of Scripture it in our daily lives.

Everything shared in this community will be rooted in that belief.

  • I believe there is a real enemy of our faith!

He is actively seeking to tear down out Biblical Marriages.  Daily he attacks our Biblical Wifehood!

  • I am standing up over you in prayer today.

Praying for Strength, Courage, Boldness to persevere and Protection for your family!

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Let’s kick this community off with a Party!

Starting September 1, 2017 will host 30 Wives in Women’s Ministry.

They will share their Marriage Secrets, Biblical Wisdom and Encouraging Tips that have impacted their Biblical Wifehood – 30 blog posts in 30 days!!

Could you use some Encouragement, Resources and Giveaways to start Reclaiming Hope & Joy in Your Biblical Marriage?

As part of this Party Community, there is a Facebook Group called Reclaiming Hope & Joy in Your Biblical Marriage where you can interact with me and all the Contributing Women’s Ministry Leaders.  Click the link to join us!

The Contributors are also listed below, go check out their sites for more Encouragement in your Biblical Wifehood!

Alisa Nicaud – Flourishing Today
Ana Willis – They Call me Blessed
Rebekah Hallberg – Rebekah M
Beth Kelly – My Inner Repunzel
Claire Musters –
Jaime Wiebel- Seeking God with Jaime Wiebel
Jayme Hull- Face to Face Mentoring
Jessica Van Roekel- Welcome Grace
Julie Holmquist- Stuff Of Heaven
Kira Bridges- Joy Pursued
Lee Felix- Like Minded Musings
Lo Tanner-
Natalia Drumm-
Susan Mead-
Tatiana Adurias- The Musings of Mum
Teri Lynne Underwood-
Erica Hale-
Jennifer Strickland- U R More
Michelle Nietert- Councelor Thoughts
Alyssa Avant-
Jessica Anderson- Intentional In Life
Josette Whitehurst Hall – Home Sweet Halls
Christia Colquitt- Faith Filled Parenting
Nicci Anna Kilcoyne- Fruitful Vine Woman

Not into Facebook?

No problem.  Click the image below to get all the Articles and resources direct to your inbox.

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Come back to this Page throughout September to find the newest Articles and to enter to Win some Amazing Resources in the Marriage Giveaway!

in Him,


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